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Based out of Montauk, New York, Chase Lieder ( @chase.lieder ) is one of the best up-n-coming longboarders in the world. Could this be because he’s also one of the only people rocking a Log Rap sticker on his board??? Who’s to say. One thing we do know is that his skills took a huge jump last year from when we first saw him at the @wsl event in Long Beach New York to when we bumped into him again at the Noosa event earlier this year. After spending some time trying everyones equipment in Noosa, he decided to pick up a @michaelsurfboards and the thing looks like it works perfect for his home break. He’s definitely on the top of our list of kids to watch from this next generation, and we’re not just being bias cuz he’s from NY 🗽. Big shout out to #teamlograp east coast guy @bagels.n.boardin for sending over these clips 🔥 📹: @bagels.n.boardin 🎶: #macmall - midnight on the bay

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