Log Rap Presents: Jazz Hands by Jimmy James


Here at Log Rap we like to pair longboard surfing with the staccato rhythm of rap music. Cause… well duh?

While this has proven to be a moderately successful endeavor to date, what’s life without an open mind? While pairing 9+ ft boards with the sounds of our favorite MC’s will remain the foundation of this (at times) tenuous operation, a little flavor never hurt nobody. Many say Rap emerged from the soulful arc and melodic undertones of Jazz music, and for that reason we’ve tapped none other than Mr. Jimmy Jazz himself to hold our hands as we venture into this brave new world.

Alright, we know the above edit isn’t ALL jazz related, but it is all filmed by Jimmy and features a unique crew of world class toe tappers. We’re talking Andy Nieblas, Karina Rozunko, Makala Smith, Tom Morat and Jared Mell. WARNING: When watching some questions may arise. Does Andy have surfing’s most prolific facial hair since Gerry Lopez? Does Karina ever take out her hoop earrings? Will Jared make that final tube? Only the good lord knows the answers to the above. I’m just here to recommend you put your feet up, light a jazz cigarette ala Ricky Powell (R.I.P) and enjoy the latest Log Rap Public Service Announcement courtesy of Jimmy ‘Jazz’ James.