Kai Ellice-Flint’s Three-Piece Combo Platter Puts McDonalds To Shame

I’ll come clean: I love fast food.

As an L.A. based surfer, the draw of hitting McDs on the drive back into the city after a long session at one of North County’s delectable point breaks is often too good to pass up. While a Big Mac combo platter may taste delectable (and give you more #spray), even the freshest of brown-bagged delights doesn’t hold a candle to Kai Ellice-Flint’s latest social media masterpiece.

Three Gato Heroi shaped surfboards, three accompanying sub-60 second IG edits filmed by Jimmy Jazz, 1 incredibly talented surfer.

In a world of drawn-out, hyper-intellectual board tests, we admire Kai’s approach. I’m no mathematician, but this value prop seems pretttttyyyy good to me. 

Scroll below to watch a Kai Ellice-Flint’s radical brand of in-the-pocket longboarding. Pencils out…  

Board 1: The Californian



Bully’s been fun!! and this ain’t sped up! First of 3 parts, riding the @cremesurfboards 9’9 Californian.  

Board 2: The Dagger



Originally designed as Al Knost's Gato model (intended for quick turns and noserides in punchy Blackies beach breaks) and Robin has experimented with the planshape, rocker and foil extensively since then. A new and refined version of the model has quietly returned to the range this year and we are excited to officially re-release it with this new clip.

Board 3:  The Surfar



Slightly delayed posting this… drop box was full.

The 3rd of three by @jimmyjazzjames showcasing the difference between each model and how I like to change my surfing up to suit. This, the Surfar by @gatoheroi @wildthingsgallery a favourite for most conditions