Joel Tudor Drops Some Knowledge On Board Design

If you happen to be one of Joel’s 184k Instagram followers you’re already aware that his page isn’t just left tubes at Big Rock or crossovers at Malibu, but an active stream of consciousness from one of surfing’s foremost historians.

Being the oldest active World Champ has its perks (beyond being chaired up the beach by your offspring). (Malibu BTS). Joel’s list of legendary mentors includes David Nuuhiwa, Nat Young and of course, Donald Takayama whose boards he rode for decades. This wealth of knowledge has been instrumental in guiding today’s alternative surf culture of which Joel is the unequivocal helmsman.

A key aspect of Joel’s immense knowledge comes in the form of board design. Having competed across multiple decades and been in the shaping room with one of surfing’s most recognizable names in Donald, Joel has seen the cyclical nature of history play out first hand… which leads us to today. No one can predict when Mr. Tudor will launch into a beautiful, articulate soliloquy regarding board design, but when he does you best buckle in and listen. After a random summer session at home Joel decided to bless us with some advice 1966 champion Nat Young had for him when he was but a padawan.

If you have 3 minutes we highly recommend diving in, just don’t blame us when you suddenly have the urge to order your next board nice and tight in the nose…

Shoulder hoppers be damned!