Grant Noble's New Edit By Cole Walton Hits Home

I hit up local California filmer Cole Walton to ask him about his new video featuring Grant Noble at his home break in Orange County. Cole's use of a Sony vx2000 reminds me of the early days of Log Rap shooting on a GL2. Not only is Cole a mini DV wizard, he's also an amazing editor. He's done some editing work for Log Rap in the past like Church of Mischief and A Day In The Life of Veed, and he has some more work with us dropping soon. It's refreshing to see the different perspective Cole brings, so I was excited to hear about his inspiration for the new video and what else he's working on this year.  - Ryan Cannon 

How long have you been working on this video?
I started probably around the beginning of covid shutdowns in California and filmed the last surf clip right before Grant broke his leg on that dirt bike. 

All your videos are filmed on the vx2000 right? Why do you like filming on the VX?
I started using the VX to film surf mainly cuz it’s the only camera I have haha. I like how it gives the videos a different feel though and how it’s different from what everyone else is doing. I want to try and make my videos memorable and talked about, and I feel like doing something unique is a good way to do that. 


Obviously filming with a VX is much more common in the skate world. Do you get much inspiration from the skate edits?
I’m from Long Beach where the skate scene is massive compared to the surf scene. Growing up I always respected the people in skating who were core and pushed to keep the culture alive. I’m definitely more inspired by skate filmmakers than I am surf filmmakers right now. Using the VX definitely comes from watching a lot of skateboard videos and being around a lot more skaters.

What is your favorite part of the editing process?
I like putting videos together to music, almost like making a music video. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of surf edits where it’s just surf clips and a song that gets thrown in there at the end. I pride myself on picking the right music and editing to the song. 

What do you have coming next?
The main project I’m working on after this Grant edit is my first full length Log Rap Movie, filmed and edited a hundred percent by me. Everything shot on the VX starring all my friends and a few other people I've met along the way. Also slowly working on a video with Nick Melanson right now about him but that’s still in the works.

Do you have a name for the full length yet?
I don’t yet. We should do that at the end. I feel like the name always comes to me at the end… never the songs tho haha. 
Be sure to check out more of Cole's work on his website and Instagram @colewaltonbro.