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Welcome to  BLOG CRAP

My intent is for your delight. The mission... finding stoke all over the globe, aiming to explore the cast of characters that are all a part of the single fin surfing community.

In one of my sketchbooks, I have the phrase “INHABIT YOUR QUESTIONS”. Longboarding came into my life well into my thirties, when eating shit on my skateboard was no longer an option. So this blog is a reflection of my curiosities and education of proper log riding, discovering the craft of how to ride with style, grace and flow, getting inside the subject matter and learning. I would never claim to be a total ripper and don’t really expect to get an invite to the Duct Tape anytime soon. (Full disclosure: I grew up in Pennsylvania, near Woodward skate camp, so I’m pretty much Rick Cain on a log.) At the crusty age of 46, I embrace what I call “Middle Age Send Mode” and find it a lot easier to laugh at myself and lean into self deprecating humor, heavily influenced by DaDa (art of the absurd).

The seeds had been sown for the Log Blog in late September of 2019, but it was truly born on October 5th of that same year during the Vans Duct Tape in Rockaway, NY when California native, David Arganda was pressed by commentator Greyson Fletcher about the nature of his hangover and how it was affecting his performance. What ensued was honest and illuminating. Needless to say, the clip was picked up by most surf media outlets, and the video went viral, much to the surprise of the longboard community.

Take this blog for what it is and keep checking back for updates. If you have an idea or would like to be featured please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.



 Bob Loblaw 

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